Our apologies to disposable cameras everywhere.

Cake Face is an easy to use wedding photo app that collects all of your guests’ photos into a live streaming album. When your guests take pictures through the app, their photos are immediately added to an online album that can be shown during your reception on a big screen or projector.

Your photographer can't be everywhere at once, but your guests can be. Capture your special day from every angle!

Your Cake Face Wedding Album Includes:

  • Unlimited number of photos stored for two years
  • Unlimited iPhone and Android app downloads for your guests
  • Real-time streaming pictures that can be displayed at your wedding on a projector or big screen
  • Personalized app for your wedding
  • Private online photo album (sharing is optional)
  • Use Cake Face to document all of your bridal events, including the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and brunch!

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Capturing, collecting, and sharing your wedding photos just got a whole lot easier.

We make it easy for guests to find your album

You choose a unique name for your wedding that you can give out to guests, allowing them to contribute photos to the album. We can also display your wedding on a map, so when guests arrive, taking pictures is just a tap away (Android version only).

Greet friends and family with a personalized message

This is a perfect opportunity to tell your guests how much it means to you that they are sharing in your celebration. Personalize the app with a short message from you and your fiancé. Truly make it yours by adding the locations for your wedding to the map (ceremony, reception, etc.)

Enjoy your big day while your guests snap away

There's nothing left for you to do except smile as your guests fill up your online wedding album! Pictures are streamed to your album the moment they are taken, and we'll store as many photos as your guests can take. All your photos are just a click away - tagged by location, time, and guest. There's never been an easier way to capture, collect, and share your weddings photos.

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We host your album for two years after your big day

We store all of your high-resolution photos for two years after your wedding. The pictures are yours, so you can download, print and share them with your friends and family anytime!

The Cake Face app is free for all of your guests on iPhone or Android

We want you to have the most photos and memories of your wedding possible, so we give you an unlimited number of app downloads for your guests.

Photos are added to your album immediately

Photos are added to your album in real-time, so they can be displayed at your wedding on a projector or big screen.

Customize the Cake Face app for your wedding

Let your guests know how glad you are that they could share in this happy occasion, by adding a message to your album. Android users can find your wedding events by location on a map embedded in your album.

Add as many photos as you’d like

There is no limit on the number of photos in your album, so encourage all of your guests to snap away at all of your events!

Use Cake Face for all of your bridal events

You can start using Cake Face right away to create multiple albums for your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and brunch!

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life, and we want to be there for you to help capture the best parts. We strive to deliver an outstanding service to our brides & grooms. Simply put - we're not happy until you're happy!

Cake Face is a must have feature at any wedding or event. Not only is it a great way to memorialize your experience, it's perfect for getting your guests to get involved the whole way through. By the end of the night your guests will be replacing 'Put this on Facebook' with 'Put this on Cake Face!'
- Pauleen
Loved using this app! Make sure your venue has either a large screen or multiple monitors to get the most out of it!
- Brett
Nice and simple! No hoops to jump through to get started and easy to understand. Nice app!
- Mike
I have used this app at two events, and it was really easy and fun to use. One event had a screen where the album was streaming live, and that was very cool to watch. I wish this was around when I got married!
- Liz

Try Out Our Demo Album!

Want to see how fun and easy to use Cake Face is? Try out our demo album today!

  1. Download the Cake Face app for free in either the iPhone or Android app store.
  2. Open the app and enter album name “DEMO”. Snap away!
  3. View the demo album at CakeFaceApp.com/DEMO , and see your photos get instantly added to the album!

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Cake Face, Ltd.

2495 Main Street, Ste 516
Buffalo, NY 14214

Phone: (716) 514-8118
Email: hello@cakefaceapp.com

Team Cake Face

President: Chris Castleman
Mobile/Web Development: Chris Michels
Mobile Development: Ryan Markle

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my album for my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc?

Absolutely! Use Cake Face to document all of your bridal events, including the engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and more!

How can I encourage my guests to use Cake Face?

Choose a couple friends to spread the word for you at the wedding. Use your album at events leading up to your wedding. Have your DJ make an announcement at the reception.

Can I upload photos after the wedding from a digital camera?

Yes, there is a link in your album to upload photos that did not make it in.

Will my album work outside of the United States?

Yes. As long as the phones have a network or WiFi connection, then you can use Cake Face anywhere in the world!

Can I delete photos that I don’t want in the album?

Yes. When logged in, each photo has a delete button if you click on the photo to enlarge it.

Is there a slideshow feature?

Yes. Click on any photo, then hit the play button in the bottom left of the photo.

Can I password protect my album?

Yes. When you create your album, you choose whether it will be public or password protected. However, a password makes it more difficult for guests to quickly join the album and take pictures.

What devices will Cake Face work with?

The camera app is currently available on devices with Android version 2.2 and up, as well as devices running iOS 5.1 and above. This includes Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Can my guests and I order prints of the photos from your site?

This feature is in the works, and in the meantime you can download the photos and print them yourself.

Do you provide the equipment to display the album live at the wedding?

We do not provide a screen or projector, but many venues offer that type of equipment for events. The online Cake Face album that displays your pictures is set up to show photos as they are taken (in real-time), so it lends nicely to displaying on a big screen during the reception.

Can photos be pre-uploaded to the album?

Yes, you can upload photos to the album at any time. It can be fun to have some photos in the album that are from prior wedding events or younger photos of the engaged couple.

Can I download my photos?

Absolutely! You can download individual photos, and you can also download the entire album as a .zip file.

If I have a question not listed here, how can I contact someone?

Send us an email at hello@cakefaceapp.com or give us a call at (716) 514-8118

Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

At Cake Face, Ltd., your privacy is of great importance. We are determined to safeguarding any personal information you store on the site and app. If you ever have any questions or concerns in regards to privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our No-Share Policy

We simply do not sell or share your personal information with any third parties except where required or permitted by law.

Collection of Personal Information

The nature of the Cake Face app involves the collection of various forms of personal information. All data entered into the site or app is stored in a database, including your name, email address, phone number, as well as the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of your guests (when provided). Cake Face collects and stores all photos taken through the app. These photos are shared with the event host, and anyone specified by the host.

Automatically Collected Information

When using our site, some non-personally identifiable information is gathered for mostly statistical and analytical purposes. This information includes, but is not limited to, your IP address, the domain from which you accessed our website, the date and time you accessed our website, the website from which you linked to our website, the type of browser and operating system you used to access our website, etc. Furthermore, an internet "cookie" is kept on your computer to cache account information while you are logged into our site. This cookie can be remove by simply logging out, removing it manually, or it will be automatically deleted after a number of days.

Location based information is used in the app and website to display nearby events, as well as tag photos. To disable this functionality, simply turn off of the locaiton based features on your device, or dis-allow our app from using such services in your device settings.

Security Measures to Protect Privacy

There are numerous security measures in place to ensure your personal data is safe. We frequently review these measures in order to prevent unauthorized access to any personal data.

Children under 13 years

Cake Face may NOT be used by children under the age of thirteen (13). We do not intentionally collect personally identifiable information on those under the age of thirteen.

Communication Opt-Out

We occasionally send out emails about features, news, or changes to our service and you have the option to opt-out from these messages at any time. You can specify your preference during the registration process, in the Account Settings section of the website, or by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of one of these mailings.

Contact Us Anytime

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy while using Cake Face, please send us an email: hello@cakefaceapp.com

Effective Date & Notification of Changes

This policy is effective as of April 29, 2012. It may be necessary to make changes to this policy, at which point you will be notified and given the opportunity to accept the new policy.

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